Nowadays, many people want to start new own business but they fear for investment amount they think thinks that  starting a business requires a lot’s of investment amount, but its is not necessary that you will require investment amount for all business as there are some buisness which has do not require any investment for it and todays we are going to share some online  business that you don’t have to rent an office and don’t need to spend money on marketing and you can save money and start a business from home without any investment.

Today we are going to give you information earn money online free similar businesses which dont need investment more

  • Blogging
  • Consultant Business
  • Recruitment Agency
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Youtuber (You tube Channel)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Accounting Business
  • Graphic Designing Services
  • Influencer
  • Tax Consultant Business
  • Start Coaching classes Business


Blog is the way where you can share your idea, knowledge and information and experience via website and you can say it book of online, here you can use your knowledge and publish it online and you can get charges for subscription for it from reader or you can place advertisement on your blogging website.

Consultant Business

Consultant Business  means who provides the professional advice or services to their customer it can be a management, digital marketing, electronic, accountancy, law, physical, human resources, marketing online, offline marketing, financial control, engineering services, science, man power services

Recruitment Agency

All industries always looking for new employees  to run their business with good quality and they always want to get skill wise employee for them but some industries prefer to get employee from outsource agency you can say Recruitment Agency, as Recruitment Agency is good option for earn online to find good employee for other company

Real Estate Broker

You can become real estate broker and you can find customer for builder and you can earn the percentage of the deal, you can find the customer online via creating some marketing campaign


This is most popular platform to earn from making video for YouTube, you can get earn online from YouTube if user watch your videos and YouTube play the advertisement on your video if use get engage with this add then YouTube pay for it, but there are some process to ge monetize your video on YouTube please refer YouTube channel monetization policies

Affiliate Marketing

You can do affiliate marketing for other website product via making video, from your website or blog affiliate marketing means refer product to his customer or audience  like amzon, flikart and many more

Online Accounting Business

If you have knowledge of accounting so you can do accounting services for small firms or you can start services for filling ITR or tax related work and you can open accounting firm also you can search home base freelancing work online from,, or many more

Graphic Designing Services

If you are good Graphic Designer then you can start Services for it and also you can search same work online for this work via freelancing website

Online Influencer

Influencer the person who is having ability to interact with potential buyers of products or offer service by recommending the items on social media or on website

OnLine Tax Consultant Business

Its same like accounting service only he has right to do audit in company like he is have chartered accountancy certification , from this services you can find this type job online via freelancing website

Online Coaching Classes

You can start online caching classes and start earn from it but before start you should know that what you can coach very well to the student and you can teach them as what you have

Other remaining business idea as below

  • Dropshipping
  • Data Entry Services

  • Online Music, Dance, Art and Craft classes
  • Online Translator Services
  • online Dropservising
  • online seller for other company
  • Selling online Handmade Goods
  • Writing Services
  • Event Management Business
  • Web Designing Business
  • Transcription Business
  • Airbnb Hosting
  • Software development Business
  • Tours and Travels Business
  • Repairing Services Portal
  • Online Photography
  • Creche
  • Online Book Publishing


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