Today’s our topic for women and we are going to discuss which business women can start with les investment, as we know women has power to get success in al business if they decide because women by default get some business knowledge her daily routine life in her home like money management, work management, time management and many think she do which has related of business concept


Below is list of all that business which women can start their own business

  • Blogging
  • Bakery Business
  • Spa and Salon
  • Sewing business
  • Craft Business
  • Restaurants
  • Catering business
  • Yoga Classes
  • Zumba Classes
  • Baby care taker
  • Cafes

We will discuss all above business in details so you can get all idea about structure, after select the business later you will have to do a adverising

Advertisement of your product there are so many  free way to do advertise online you can prefer our post  How To Use Google Advertising For Small Business 


Business for women
Business for women

Blogging means you are expressing or sharing your ideas and information via creating blog online, you can start this as business so you can earn from blog, here you have understand that in which you have knowledge that you can share via blog like whatever knowledge you have you just have to put that on blog that’s it later you can monetize blog as you want or you can earn by promoting any product or services from blog, there are so many categories for blog like Personal blogs, share market blog, Fashion blogs, review blogs, Travel blogs, Food blogs, Affiliate blogs, News blogs, Lifestyle blogs, Multimedia blogs you can select any one of them

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Bakery Business

business for women
business for women

As we know women is perfect in cooking and bakery business is concern with cooking, if you know how to make a bakery product like Bread, Cakes, Bun, Pastries, Biscuits, Cookies, Doughnuts, Crackers if you know then you can make bakery product and sale it to shop or end user


Spa and Salon

Business For Women
Business For Women

Women can start spa and salon business in her free time as this business can start at home or you can have small spa or salon shop for it, here you can provide services like hair cutting, facial’s and many more services you can provide to your customer

Sewing business

If you have sewing skill and you can have much time for it then you can start business in sewing, sewing business is a profitable business, in this business you can charge a fees for altering clothing, making cloth, designing cloth for men, women and for children as well



Craft Business

business idea for women
business idea for women

There are so many products in crafting you can select any one and start business for it below is the list of craft product

  • Jewelry Crafting
  • Candle Making
  • Soap making
  • Embroiderer
  • Embroiderer
  • Woodworker
  • Rubber Stamp Maker
  • Craft Tutor
  • Basket Weaver


You can select any product to start business and also you can sale this product online via own website or online shopping website, you can also sell it via on door or to an shop keepers


women business idea
women business idea

For this business women require more investment for space, furniture, raw material, permits and more If you have experience and you know how to the cook or how to the manage such all thinks then you can have this good business idea to start restaurant, before starting you have to check the market area, scope for this and which dish is famous in the area after that you can start restaurant

Catering business

If you have an goo idea about cooking and catering then you can select this business, for starting catering business you have skill manpower and some space to start it, you can provide catering services to any function like engagement ceremony, birthday party, marriage function or any function, you can also provide catering services to any school, colleges, hospital or company, this business is also profitable business


Yoga Classes

Now a day there are so many people are very aware about fitness and for this reason the always try live with fitness, you can utilize this idea in business manner and if you know the yoga and if you think you can teach yoga then this business you can do easily, this business do not require big investment, from small investment this business can start easily


Zumba Classes

If you now zumba and you are sure that you can teach Zumba then this business you can star, as we know that this business do not require big investment amount, from little amount you can start Zumba classes

Baby care taker

best business for women
best business for women

This is one of the best business, as we know now a day husband and wife both work for company and they know that in office time there will know one to take care of their child at home then at that time this parent send their child to care taker, this business are now trending now a day


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