As we know starting a business means there are so many thinks we have to consider from location to end customer also we have to do many task related of business, today we will share information about business starting process below are the some point we mentioned we will discuss it in details


Skill Research

Skill research this is initial process for business starting because Before starting any business you have think what skill you have , as you have to analyze the skill set of your so base o that you can get some idea about your strength and weakness is it will be very useful to find business idea as your skill and experience


Business Idea

  After skill research you can find your skill, experience and capability of work yours on that base you can find good business idea you can see our post 29 Idea For Earn Money Online Without Investment

If you are women then you can read our post Business for women here you can find different business idea for women only


Conduct market research

After selecting business you have to take market research as we know from Market research we can get all information about who will be target markets and customers so we can decide strategy for next and we can also lookout of competitiveness in the market for where you can sale your product or services to the your customer or you have to find who will your customer, in market research you may get problem as well as solution also so market research is must



Fund for Business

Once you decide which business you are going to do then you have to think what investment amount you will require for all, as we know for every business require some amount of investment to start business so you have manage all fund for it



Select Your Business Location

For operating all your business activity you have to select location of your office whether you are going to do business in services sector or in manufacturing you will have to location for all, your location should be visible easily and safety should be on prior for business, also before selecting location you have to be think about source of all raw material of your product or your employee point of view you should think for it


Business Setup

After location you can have furniture setup or manufacturing plant setup, if you are going to provide services the you have sitting arrangement of employee, cabin and meeting room etc or if you are going to start manufacturing plant then you have to setup machinery shed , office , canteen, tool room and many more setup you have to keep ready


Select business name

After your selection of location you can search name for business, business should be easy and it should be easy to remind into the mind for all people, name also relate with your product or servers


Business Registration

As per the government rule you have to do all registration and permits of your business, you can appoint agent or you can hire some agency which they provide such registration services they help for getting all registration and permits certificate from government



Business Logo

After finalization of your business name and registration you have to do finalize your logo you can hire some logo designer for it, logo should have your name of your business, remember logo will be your identity for your business so you have to  logo very easy readable


Business Website

After logo making you have to book a domain name which is concern with your business name then you can hire one website developer for website development, from website you will get help in marketing as well in reorganization of your business globally, also you can provide your business information to all world

Open bank account for Business

Bank account is must for all for doing transaction, in business we cannot do cash transaction as we have to do all transaction via bank only, for selecting bank please select near bank from your location also bank should provide online banking services so it will future benefit for you


Social Connect

You can create youtube channel for giving your product / servces information or you can create facebook page or group with your business name, you can also use twiter or many more social website you can use these all for your product or business marketing


Register B2B E-commerce

For worldwide marketing you can do registration for your product or services on b2b and b2e e-commerce website you have to register on all website which has globally famous ecommerce site


Purchase Machinery and raw material

If you want to do a manufacturing business then you can start purchasing machine and do all setup in plant after that you buy raw material


Hire Employees

Employee is back bone of all businesses you have to take employee as per skill and experience


After all above process you can start your business, also please not that every business has different process you have to search it and follow it as we have just try to share information which may wrong but you can get idea for the process of starting business



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