Chennai Super Kings may get trouble before the beginning of the IPL second phase. all-rounder Sam Kuren won’t play the primary match against Mumbai Indians on September 19. Sam Kuren is currently in quarantine due to his late arrival within the UAE. this timeare going

to be till 21st September. So he won’t be ready to play the primary match. Faf Duplessis also will not playing the primary match from CSK. He was injured while playing within the Caribbean League. His thigh muscles have also been stretched. we dont think Duplessis are going to be ready to play against Mumbai due to this.

Sam had played within the India-England Test series, but the series wasn’t a part of the bio bubble. As a result, all the players who played within the series had to be quarantined six

days before the IPL. Many players have already arrived here and their quarantine period has expired.

Sam has been with CSK since IPL 2020. Dhoni’s team failed within the last session.

But Sam was focused on the strength of his performance. He has scored 186 runs in 14 matches and brought 13 wickets. He was given an opportunity to bat within the front row a couple of times. In IPL-14, Kureen scored 52 runs in 7 matches. He didn’t get much of an opportunity to bat also It is doubtful whether Afghanistan spinner Mujib-ur-Rehman will play for Sunrisers Hyderabad within the second round of the IPL. Mujib has not yet received a visa. Mujib’s team wants to play its first match against Delhi Capitals. The team’s opener Johnny Bairesto withdrew from the second round. If Mujib stays out, it’ll be an enormous shock for the team. within the 2021 season, this team is at rock bottom of the table.

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