Now a day petrol price is hiking every days and its being very difficult to maintain the cost on petrol for traveling as travelling also is must for everyone.

Now in market is booming for Electric vehicles or electric scooter and every one thinking that is electric vehicle is very cheap as compare to petrol scooter as first time we assume that it true but if we get information from who already using the electric vehicle so we can get information from them


Electric Scooter Manufacturer In India

Hero Electric
Bajaj Chetak Electric
Ampere Electric
Ather Energy
Okinawa Scooters
TVS Electric

Price Range Of Electric Scooter

Price of electric scooter comes between 35000* to 150000* Indian Rupee, price is vary as per diffrent company pleae refer your nearest company showroom

Where to Charge Battery of Electric Scooter?

you can charge you electric scooter on any charging station or you can also charge it at your homw as well 

licence and registration Required ?

If your electric scooters has powered with 250 watt and running at a top speed limit is less than 25 kmph then can be rode without driving licence, PUC, registration.


Electric Scooter (EVs) Benefit

  • Scooter Price is very less compare than petrol scooter
  • Subsidy on EVs
  • No Need to fill the petrol as EV scooter run on electricity
  • Electricity rate is less than petrol
  • You can save money on travelling
  • You can charge your scooter at your home
  • Riding scooter is same like a petrol scooter
  • Now in almost city EVS showrooms are available for buying
  • Very less maintenance cost


  • one to three units of electricity per charge
  • per charge scotter runs around 40 to 60 KM
  • Battery life around one to three years of scooter
  • Greenhouse gas emission savings
  • Electric scooters are eco-friendly
  • No air pollution
  • Low operating costs
  • Best for short distances
  • Less noise
  • Electric Scooter Losses


  • Batteryheating due to Overcharging
  • battery issues
  • Speed issue
  • E-Scooters stolen issue
  • Very less resell value
  • Double seat riding not possible as speed issue comes
  • Insurance problems as user don’t know for it
  • You can run only for short distances
  • storage issue
  • May be dangerous without sufficient scooter lanes
  • High purchase price for electric scooters
  • Toeing issue if battery get dry
  • Battery Charging issue
  • Lack of Charging Station
  • Can’t use for long distance


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Which Battery use for Electric Scooter?

six type of  battery use for Electric Scooter as below

  • Trontek Batteries
  • Pure Lithium Batteries
  • Amptek Lithium Batteries
  • Bentork Batteries
  • Samsung Batteries
  • Log9 Batteries


The replacement cost of Electric Scooter Batteries

The replacement cost of a lead-acid battery is between Rs 10,000 and Rs 18,000 its depend what typs of battery you are goping to buy including brand  

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