food oil business is most profitable business nowadays as We know as per our population and demand for food oil and production of food oil is not that level and there are so much gap in demand and supply so this opportunities we can utilize it for making profit from this food oil business with proper planning

Today we will discuss about how to start food oil business and its process, this process can follow in all countries, only registration of business and permits of all manufacturing of oil will be different as per country you have to follow and other Food oil business starting Process are same as below


You can refer our post for Business Starting Process here you can get all details about how to start any business from initial stage


Market research

Before starting food oil business you have do a market research for determine the targeted area and raw material connectivity for your plant  also you can understand consumer behavior and market trend at your targeted area, because if you select target area and find which food oil mostly use in that area then you can prefer such oil making product in your plant,

Do not start any initial stage before market search because if you find any issue then your initial cost will lost

Fund For Food oil business

Before starting business you should have investment amount with you because for this business require more capital to start, you will have to build plant or shed or may you need to pay plant rent, purchasing raw material, purchasing machinery for all you will need money and your should be ready with fund

Raw Material

Once you done your market research then you have to search supplier for raw material for food oil as you will require different types seeds and its depend on which food oil you are going to use like the various plant seeds from soybean, sunflower, palm, cotton, corn oil, coconut, peanut, olive, grape seed, hazelnut, mustard, pumpkin sesame, canola, linseed, rice bran, seed oil.

You can purchase raw material from direct farmer so you can save your cost and you can save agent commission

Food oil business
Food oil business

Types Of Food Oil

Plant  or seedsOil
ArganArgan oil
BorageBorage oil
Castor oil plantCastor oil
CherryCherry pit oil
CoconutCoconut oil
CornCorn oil
CottonCottonseed oil
GrapeGrape seed oil
HempHemp oil
JojobaJojoba oil
FlaxLinseed oil
MacadamiaMacadamia oil
MangoMango butter
Mustard plantMustard oil
NeemNeem oil
Oil palmPalm kernel oil
RapeseedRapeseed oil
SafflowerSafflower oil
SesameSesame oil
SheaShea butter
SunflowerSunflower oil
Tonka beanTonka bean oil
TungTung oil


Plant Location

Once you know from where you’re going to purchase raw material then you can select location which is convenience to transport raw material, before selecting location you have to make sure that electricity and water connection should be there for 24by7 and also it should be safe area

Plant Structure

Once you location make final then you can start to build oil mill plant if you have readymade plant which is taken on lease base then you will save your cost as well as construction money, you can make plan and design for plant structure

Select business name

You have search name for business, business name should be easy to understand and easy to remind into the mind for all people

Business Registration and Permits

As per the government rule you have to do all registration and permits of your business, you can appoint agent or you can hire some agency which they provide such registration services they help for getting all registration and permits certificate from government

Logo and Trademark

For your business identification your should have logo, you can hire some logo designer for it, logo should have your name of your business, you can also do trademark of your logo

Machinery for Food oil Making

There are different types of machinery need to purchase below we have given some example as per your need to you can search this machinery online and compare cost and purchase it

Seeds Heating Machine

For oil making process we have to heat seeds and The seeds need to be heated to a specific temperature so can extract oil from seed.

Oil Expeller Machines

It’s the primary oil extraction machinery that you require in your mill. It is used for extracting oil from the seeds.

Oil Refining Machines

Once the oil is extracted, it needs to be refined. Oil filters are needed to refine the oil, purify it, and fit for sale and distribution.

Storing Tank of oil

Once oil is ready then you will need to have a storage tank for storing the extracted oil.

 Weighing Machine

Weighing machine is also required for measure the quantity of the oil and packs it accordingly.

Packaging machinery for Oil:

Its depend what packed size you are going to make like 1 kg (liter) , 5 kg or 15 kg, as per your requirement you can buy packaging machinery

Labor Selection

You have to find and select skill labor for oil making, labor should have experience to handle experience or we have to give him training for machinery so he can work well on machine

Fix your Price

Once your product get ready after that you have to decide your product cost including all your expense and profits, you can ask your finance expert before decide any price

Product marketing

Once your product is ready for sale then you have to ready for market your product from different channel below there are some example

  • Facebook marketing
  • Youtube marketing
  • Google marketing
  • Door to door marketing
  • Television marketing
  • Broacher spreading
  • News paper Marketing
  • Shop to shop marketing
  • free sample strategy
  • Discount strategy
  • Holding marketing
  • flex marketing
  • Fixing Product information on Transport
  • Voice marketing

Many more idea you can use

Make Supplier Chain

You have to make supplier chain to reach your product to your end customers

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