Small business means the business owned by sole proprietorship or with partnership also which business have very less employees, Small business always have very less investment to expand that’s why they always prefer such marketing which has less cost for marketing,

Now today we are going to discuss about how we can Use Google Advertising for Small Business and it would not require any technical knowledge base, let start for discussion as below

We can use two types of advertising one is free method to do marketing of your business and another one is paid marketing from

Free Advertising Method

For free method advertisement you have to follow below process

  • Purchase new domain name for your business with your concern business name and product name, if already you have purchased then you can also use the same for it

  • After domain name purchase you have to purchase hosting server for your domain or you can also prefer any website builder provider from same domain provider

  • Once you purchase the hosting the you have develop website for your business and for your product you can hire any website developer or you can also build your own website by web builder or from word press

  • You can use word press website as its very simple and creative to understand

  • Once your website ready then you have to do SEO (search engine option) for your website, then you can use google advertising for Small Business and SEO means you have to add keyword (keyword means focusing word for search engine the user search as they want) you have to select such keyword which has your business name or your business services related or your business product related
  • Next steps is to Index your page on Google, because once you register your site for indexing that means user can find your website(product website, business website, services product) on Google search engine

Here once you add your website property then you can add your site map in the consol or one by one you can add your website URL to get index your website or your web page including product and services

  • Another advertising method is to create facebook page on facebook, here you can add your business details your product and services details in webpage

  • You can create YouTube channel and upload videos for your services or product details

Paid Advertising Method

You can use below paid method as per below

  • You can use google Advertising for Small Business like Google Adwords is paid method that you can use we have to pay for it from here you can use to market your product or services as per you want like city wise, country wise you can show your product details to the google user or ins search engine, here you can to create camping for it you have to set add budget for campaign on Google Adwords, you can also get get 2000 credits on Google Ads please refer terms and conditions for Google Advertising

  • Facebook is Another paid method to do advertisement, you can market your own facebook page to get more links or follow your page or you can do product or services marketing on facebook

Online marketing is the only way that small business does not need to pay more for marketing if we compare the cost of banners on road, advertisement on radio or television.

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