Potato chips

Potato chips are one of the most popular ready to eat snacks item in all over the world. Anyone can start small scale manufacturing business with small capital investment. In market potato chips are in great demand .The demand for potato chips never goes down in any season. Potato chips are available in different types of taste and flavours.

The main consumers of potato chips and wafers are peoples who live in urban and semi urban areas .Hotels, restaurants, canteens, resorts need potato chips in significant quantities. Potato chips are needed to be made under hygienic conditions. The potato chips industry is really big and if you are thinking to start your business then the potato chips making business is really a most profitable and demanding business.


You can start this manufacturing business with an area of 1000 square foot. Potato chips in the pouch packet are most demanding in the market .Selecting location is the very important aspect of this business. This business is categories under food production industry.


Potato chips making Business Documentation

You need to have some documentation before starting this business Register your business and obtain trade license. Protect your brand name through trademark registration .obtain NOC from your state pollution control board .FSSAI and FDA license. These are legal compliances needed for starting your business.


Chips Making Business
Chips Making Business

Investment For Chips Making Business


The capital investment for a small scale industry will be around 4 to 5 lacks approx. You can get finance from government banks or financial institutions.


Raw materials For Chips Making

The major and most important raw material is fully matured oval shaped potato with minimum number of eyes. Salt, refined oil, spices for flavours, packaging materials, preseravatives are additional raw material for making potato chips. you may source the Potatos directly from the farmers it will reduces your cost for raw material.


 Equipments and machinery required for potato chips manufacturing


There are two types of machineries semi automatic and fully automatic basis. Potato peeling machine, slicing machine, hydro dryer, deep fryer machine, spices coating machine, trays, sealing machine, weighting scales and dispensers. These are some basic required machines for manufacturing potato chips. For these machines you may contact your nearby machinery dealer or you can purchase it from online marketplaces also. 

Here are some manufacturing processes for making potato chips


Sorting and Washing Potatoes  

Potatoes selected for wafers should be fully matured, large and oval shaped. Make sure potatoes are diseases free. After that potatoes are Washed thoroughly in water and then it goes for peeling process .



The peeling machine keeps rotating and it peel out all the skin of potatoes then it is placed in water to prevent the browning of potatoes.

Slicing potatoes

All peeled potatoes goes in slicing machine and which will slice all potatoes in required thickness of slicer.

Drying and frying 

Drying machine will dry all sliced potatoes. It removes excess amount of moisture from the chips and  then it goes into a large deep frying machines  for deep frying 


Once chips get fried then it will goes in flavouring machine .in this process  spices, salts, preservatives are spread on chips equally.



The last step is packaging. Packaging machines will weight and pack in plastic bags for keep it crunchy. Then these packets are packed in big boxes and it is ready to deliver for clients.

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