Goat farming is most profitable business in agriculture related business, and we know that Goat farming require very less investment amount as compare to other farming like dairy farming and fish farming, if we analyze old data of united states regarding all Sheep and Goat Meat, we can see that US had imported approx more than $900M from Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Chile and Uruguay. That is means united states has more demand for goat and sheep meat but they are unable to fulfil that demand from their local goat from to their country so they had imported all demand for it from different country

Benefits of Goat Farming

  • Goat farming is a low investment business
  • The goat is an animal which has ability to adapt her health as per the weather
  • The goats give birth fed twice in 15 to 17 months so the number of goat increases quickly
  • Demand of goat meat is increasing in united states
  • It has good price for goat milk, goat woollen and goat meat as well
  • Goat manure is great for farming land and its gets a good price.
  • Goats can be eat  any type of fodder
  • Goat also not require much space for live it can adjust in less space

Today we are discussing about starting process of goat farming in United States

Training and Development

Before staring dairy farm you have to learn all skills which is require for goat faming, because in training you can get knowledge of goat farming details like goat fodder , types of goat, how to handle them, feeding process, and Goat Disease Management & Vaccination process

Fund for Goat Farming

For starting goat farming you have to raise the fund for it, because without fund you cannot start goat farming, in each stage you will require fund like goat purchase, construction of goat shed, goat fodder vaccination and more

Goat farming Location

For making success you have to select correct location for your goat farming as in that location you have arrange the water, fodder and other tools fo location should be easy to visit able

Shed Construction for Goat Farming

You have to first decide what types of goat farming you are going to do as there are three types of goat farming like goat farming for meat purpose, goat farming for milk purpose, and goat farming for woolen purpose once you decide your purpose of goat farm then you can construct your goat farming shed as you’re your purpose

Goat farming Registration

You have to complete all registration process as per your government rule and you have to follow all rules and regulation for it. You can also appoint any agent or any service provider for it so then can help for all registration process

Fodder Stock Management

Before purchasing goat you have to keep all stock for your goat for at least next 2 months, you can also grow fodder in your farm land as well, fodder is most important part for goat farming

Appointing Labour

Before starting goat farm you have to find labour for handling the daily process, and you have to find skilled labour in goat farming. As he should have experience before in goat farm or he should have good knowledge in goat farm

Purchasing Goat

You have to make sure that you will buy good and healthy goat for your goat farming. You have to sure that choose a reputable breeder. You have to checks breeder’s animals and their old records

Daily Management for Goat Farming

For making your goat good and healthy you have to maintain time for food and water, you have to fix time for feeding and water for goat, also you have to always lookout on each goat for their health and any changes so we can maintain goat health

Find Local Market

As we know we are running goat farming for only making profit only and we can earn profit only when we get good price as we want for milk, meat and woolen, you have to find best market place where you can sale milk, meat and woolen, if you can get good price after export then you can also search for it

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