Painting business

Now Painting business become very popular because we know that the population of city is village is increasing day by day and as same living standers is increasing many people buying new home or constructing their own home so for home painting and owner always search the people who can paint their home

Today we let you know how to start Painting business at your place,

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Location Selection

Before starting painting business you have to decide where you want to start business, you have to decide base on your area, population for construction in your area, chances to get project in area on that base you have to select the location or city

Fund For Business

Before starting business you have to make sure how much fund you will require asthis is low investment business but you will have some money to start this business

Select business name

After your selection of location you can search name for business, business should be easy and it should be easy to remind into the mind for all people, name also relate with your product or servers

Business Registration

As per the government rule you have to do all registration and permits of your business, you can appoint agent or you can hire some agency which they provide such registration services they help for getting all registration and permits certificate from government

Business Logo

After finalization of your business name and registration you have to do finalize your logo you can hire some logo designer for it, logo should have your name of your business, remember logo will be your identity for your business so you have to  logo very easy readable

Find Labor Painters

If you want to success in this business then you have skilled labor or well trained labor for it because if you do not select skill wise labor then it will big impact your business

Open bank account for Business

After all process you can go for bank open bank account as we know in business we cannot do cash transaction because all transaction should be via bank only, you can select bank near of your location also you need to take online banking and mobile banking as well so it will help you for transaction handling


You have to take care of insurance before insurance do not start the work from you or your employee as painting is have risk work so you have insurance of yourself  and your employee below are some insurance you can prefer as per your work structure

  • liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Employment liability Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Vehicle insurance

Set you Price

You have to decide your price as per your painting work as you can have your fix per day price or you can have price as per feet you have to decide the price

Purchase Equipments

For painting business you should have all related equipments wehave shown some equipment as below you can refer your own list as per your requirement
  • Roller
  • Paint Tray Liner
  • Tray
  • Tape
  • Brush
  • Corner Edges
  • Edger
  • Extension Pole
  • Painter’s Tool
  • Magnetic Paint Cup
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Paint Remover
  • Paint Bucket
  • Paint Guide
  • Lock Jaw Tool Holder
  • Stencil Brush
  • Angle Sash
  • Trim
  • Embossed
  • Sprayer

Marketing Strategy

For running successful business we have to always spend some time in marketing as well even it is painting business. Below are some marketing concepts we have mentioned which we can use

Portfolio Making

If you have any past experience and you have some work then you can take photo of it and make on perfect portfolio of it so you can refer this portfolio to your next client, also client will let it know how was your past work so he can make sure for you for giving work

Make own Website

If you want to make your business as more than one city then you can develop one website and you can show your work and photos and videos of your works and you can show your price structure as well

Make own visiting card:

You can make your own visiting card, in visiting card you can add your own address , office address, phone number  your website details and more you can add

Visit to New Construction site

For getting new contract you have to visit on new construction building, or builder or construction company you can refer your own work, you can show your portfolio to them and you can share your price with company,

Stay in Touch with Old Customers

You have to stay in touch your old customer; if they already liked your work then they will also refer your work to others like friend colleague and relatives so you can have also good business opportunities from him if you maintain good relation with him

Social Marketing

You can prefer social marketing for your business as now a days most of people are connected with many social apps and you can use of it , you can create facebook page or facebook group here you can show your work to all people in free of cost

Youtube Video

if you want to show your work on youtube then you can create youtube channel for it You can record your video of your work and upload it on youtube

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