Mahogany Tree Plantation

About Mahogany Tree

Mahogany wood known as a strong and long-lasting wood for furniture. abd This wood is have red and brown color. also main feature is that to not get affected by water damage and Its wood is used for building château, furniture, and other wooden boats, which are considered very valuable. The roots of these trees are less deep, and in India they can be grown anywhere except in the hilly areas. Mahogany plants require normal temperatures to germinate and develop, Develops well in the temperature of 13 degree in winter and 38 degree in summer season A special kind of quality is found in the leaves of this tree, due to which mosquitoes and insects do not come near its trees.

Soil For Mahogany Trees

Mahogany trees can be grown in any fertile soil type, but remember that to do not plant mohagany trees in waterlogged stucking land  or in rocky soil. because on this soil tree will not groen in proper




Temperature for Mahogany

Mahogany plants require a normal temperature to germinate and develop his branch, if we want to grow well then the temperature should be 13 degree in winter season and upto 35 degree in summer season should have.




Use Of Mohagany Tree

Mohagany tree use to make wood ships, office or home furniture, decorations material and plywood, It has also also a medicinal uses, Mohagany seeds and flowers are used to make potency medicines. Mohagany trees leaves has benifit that mosquitoes and insects do not come near its trees. For that reason, the oil of its leaves and seeds is used to make mosquito repellants and insecticides and oil is also used to make paint, soap, varnish and many more medicines.


Irrigation for Mohagany Tree

For Mohagany tree irrigation During the summer season, watered should be given at intervals of 5 to 7 days. in winter season interval should be of 10 to 15 days.


Mahogany tree species

Cuban, Mexican, African, New Zealand, and Honduran species for Mohagany tree


Mohagany Planting Method

For the cultivation of mahogany plants you should have purchased plant from any registered government company so you an get the guarentee for the tree, After that you have to prepared pits for plant then cover it well with soil.

June and July month are considered more suitable for moghany planting . During this monsoon season in India so natural plant grow fast in this season


How to Earm from Mohgany Tree

you can earn from mohagany woods and from it leaf after 6 to 10 year plant get redy for wood sale 

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