Poultry rearing or poultry farm is a farming related business which is affordable to the farmers. Because we know that its require low cost and less space as per compare with dairy farm, many farmers are turning into poultry farming business. Poultry farming business can be do at at home or its at farm as well


Many farmers are engage with farming related business like poultry farm, dairy farm and more and the try to make a lot of profit from it. Also poultry farming is an affordable business for farmers as it is a supplement to agriculture business.


Today we will discuss how we can start poultry farm


What is the meaning of poultry farms?

Poultry farm means ‘raising chicken or chick commercially for selling meat, eggs or feather production’.

Select Sector

Before starting poultry farm you have to decide what you want to do in poultry farm, you have many choice like chicken breeding, broilers, poultry feed, egg and meat processing etc, because all sector has different working method


What are layers?

Layer farming means birds of poultry farming specially use for only egg production that birds we say layer farming birds

What are broilers in Poultry Farm?

Broiler poultry faming means Broilers are types of chicken mainly used for meat production.

Select Location

Once you decide in which sector you want to do poultry farm the you have to select location for farming, location should be near city or market so you will have easy for transportation, if you are planning to do poultry farm in your own farm then it will be cost saving for you

Staart Poultry farm
Staart Poultry farm

Business Name

Once you decide location then you have to register poultry farm as per government policy so you can get government subsidy as well if you want


Fund Management

You will require fund for starting poultry farm, if you are going to plan to take a loan from bank then you have to follow all process as per the bank


Poultry farm Shed Construction

Once you decide your sector for poultry farm the you have to build shed as per your sector, if you decide that you going to sale egg from your poultry farm the you have to build shed like layer farming structure but if you decide for meat then you will not need to layer farming shed you can save cost for it

For layer farming shed you will need extra amount of fund for shed construction


Poultry farm Equipment

Before starting farm you have to buy below equipment if necessary

  • Brooder and Chick guard
  • Charcoal and Kerosene stove
  • Circular feeder
  • Automatic feeder
  • Bell-type automatic waterer
  • Compressed air system
  • vaccinator
  • Gas and electrical brooders
  • Shell grit box
  • Electrical heaters
  • Hatcher
  • Infra-red bulbs
  • Linear feeder
  • Setter
  • Syringe with needle


  • vaccine droppers
  • Water basin, Water heaters
  • Emergency standby electric plants
  • automation equipment
  • Hatching egg transfer machines
  • Hatching egg trays
  • Reflectors/Hovers
  • Water softeners and filters Linear waterer/Channel type waterers
  • Nest Boxes
  • Nipple and Manual drinker
  • Pan and Jar type

Poultry Feeds 

Once your shed get ready then you have search for poultry feeds product in the market if you get in less cost so you can buy stock for 3 to 4 month in single purchase so you can save cost for it by purchasing one time


Labor Selection

If you are able to do handle by own then it will be good but if your project is big and if one man cannot handle then you have to search labor to work in your poultry farm before buying chicks

Choosing the birds

One your all setup is ready including shed, feed and water and labor then you is ready to buy chicks or birds, always prefer to buy birds from government registered hatchery this is a last stage of poultry farm






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