Today’s we are discussing about cryptocurrency and and we will let you the know details about below point for cryptocurrency

·        Real Fact Of Cryptocurrency in world

·        Is Cryptocurrency a Safe for investment?

·        How to Purchase Cryptocurrency?

·        Top Cryptocurrency as market capital

·        which country cryptocurrency is legal?

·        Which country cryptocurrency is banned?

·        Cryptocurrency list




Real Fact of Cryptocurrency in world

A cryptocurrency it is an digital currency which is designed to work as a medium of exchange via computer network and main thinks is that cryptocurrency  don’t have any central authority to manage all legal matter

The cryptocurrency was invented around 2008 and it was using the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. And same currency start to use in year 2009 when its was implemented as open source in market. After that Bitcoins are created as a compensation for a process known as mining process


Is Cryptocurrency a safe for investment?

No, as Cryptocurrency is not safe for investment, if you want to take a risk to play a gamble then you can invest in Cryptocurrency otherwise you have to stay away from it, you may get more profit or loss you have to bear both thinks


How to Purchase Cryptocurrency?

If you want to purchase Cryptocurrency then you have to buy it from cryptocurrency trading platform, there are so many platform over the internet you can prefer any of them and please you have to make sure for verify the purchase process of Cryptocurrency then move on to buy

Top Cryptocurrency as market capital

Below are top top cryptocurrency list as per the market value


  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)

Which country cryptocurrency is legal?

El Salvado was first county in the world to allow the use cryptocurrency (bitcoin) as a legal tender in there country and as of june 2021 bitcoin was legal in the united states.



Which country cryptocurrency is banned?


Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Nepal, Qatar Morocco, Bangladesh and Egypt have all banned for transact in  cryptocurrency



Top 100 Cryptocurrency list

Below are list of Top 100 Cryptocurrency



Name Symbol Current Price in USD  til 21 feb 2022
Bitcoin BTC 39273.91
Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC 39268.91
renBTC RENBTC 39254.87
Bitcoin BEP2 BTCB 39223.4 YFI 21557.59
Ethereum ETH 2740.85
PAX Gold PAXG 1919.31
Maker MKR 1832.13
Illuvium ILV 577.88
BNB BNB 390.83
Gnosis GNO 333.27
Bitcoin Cash BCH 309.2
Elrond EGLD 162.22
Monero XMR 159.53
Aave AAVE 143.51
Kusama KSM 142.12
Compound COMP 119.06
Quant QNT 118.81
Zcash ZEC 114.21
Litecoin LTC 113.93
Dash DASH 100.93
Solana SOL 94.5
Bitcoin SV BSV 86.63
Avalanche AVAX 81.04
Moonriver MOVR 78.05
Chia XCH 77.09
Decred DCR 58.23
Axie Infinity AXS 55.25
Terra LUNA 51.16
FTX Token FTT 42.19
Horizen ZEN 36.13
Bitcoin Gold BTG 29.84
Ethereum Classic ETC 28.22
Arweave AR 27.16
Cosmos ATOM 27.08
Livepeer LPT 24.94
Helium HNT 24.09
Convex Finance CVX 23.99
Neo NEO 23.79
Frax Share FXS 21.64
Filecoin FIL 20.38
KuCoin Token KCS 19.41
Internet Computer ICP 19.33
OKB OKB 19.19
Polkadot DOT 17.48
Ethereum Name Service ENS 15.8
Chainlink LINK 15.22
Vulcan Forged PYR PYR 11.58
Waves WAVES 9.77
Uniswap UNI 9.7
NEAR Protocol NEAR 9.66
Huobi Token HT 9.62
PancakeSwap CAKE 7.65
MyNeighborAlice ALICE 7.41
Kadena KDA 6.71
API3 API3 6.56
Qtum QTUM 6.45
GateToken GT 6.44
dYdX DYDX 6.02
Flow FLOW 5.97
Perpetual Protocol PERP 5.9
Secret SCRT 5.84
Injective INJ 5.77
UMA UMA 5.56
OMG Network OMG 4.26
Synthetix SNX 4.2
THORChain RUNE 3.93
SushiSwap SUSHI 3.77
Tezos XTZ 3.36
The Sandbox SAND 3.34
Kava KAVA 3.26
Persistence XPRT 3.26
Braintrust BTRST 3.23
Celsius CEL 3.22
Theta Network THETA 3.11
Raydium RAY 2.95
Decentraland MANA 2.89
Moonbeam GLMR 2.84
Yield Guild Games YGG 2.77
Render Token RNDR 2.74
Celo CELO 2.66
Curve DAO Token CRV 2.65
Mina MINA 2.49
Bancor BNT 2.34
Anchor Protocol ANC 2.3
EOS EOS 2.26
Serum SRM 2.13
Kyber Network Crystal v2 KNC 2.09
Nano XNO 2.09
Nexo NEXO 1.95
Immutable X IMX 1.91
Fantom FTM 1.79
Lisk LSK 1.71
Voyager Token VGX 1.65
Enjin Coin ENJ  



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