Your baby’s starts learn from the time they are born, and how it learning depends on the living standard the received as they start to recognize and learn from their environment many baby live with single mom or with family, single mom means she is tiger moms because she is parenting baby’s alone with all aspect and many of parents have being a single mom

Babies always try to communicate by making sounds and crying and hands signal. Responding to their calls for need attention to the encourages the relation between your baby and you,


Up to 3 years may some baby need Brest feeding and that’s reason they might get hungry at night as well so on that time kids mom should by near of him so she can immediate recognize the need of kids so she can do Brest feed either she can give other foods to her child, also up to 3 years use diaper


And Not changing a diaper at night means that both mom and baby get uninterrupted sleep at night. However it also means that the baby’s skin will be in contact with urine all night long and that reason diaper rash problem with the skin on the baby’s bottom to become itchy and red mark with and painful. On the other hand, changing the baby’s diaper at night means that the baby has very less chance of getting diaper rash on baby bottom.

here mom need to take the decision about whether to change the diaper at night or need keep as it is after carefully considering all the problem and it solutions.

Co sleeping benefits

Do you know some times baby get scare or fear at night and if he found alone in the room then it may be chance that baby go in fear or An unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined may a lot so that will be trouble for parents that’s why if baby Sleeping With Mom then this type of issue will not get mom parenting

Precaution for baby sleeping

Below are some precautions needed to take care by parents or mom.

  • Baby need to sleep in the same bed as the parents or mom
  • Use a firm sleep surface
  • Keep same toys near baby
  • Keep eyes on baby after sleeping like how he is sleeping
  • Keep eyes of child fever or cold if he has so you can take precautions as doctor said
  • Keep water bottle near if child wakeup at night for water then you can give him immediately
  • If your baby do not Brest feed now Keep milk bottle near if child wakeup at night for milk then you can give him immediately
  • Keep some food near of bed if child want to eat then we can give him

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(Note: above information given only for as we think base please do not depend on this information may this information right or wrong please before following this information please ask expert fist)

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