Nowadays, Even months babies are using mobile phones for watching videos and playing games , and kids are handling and spending maximum time for playing games watching videos, chatting with friends, sharing photos and videos in social media apps, and for studying.

In 80-90’s, kids was playing a outdoor games like Kabaddi, cricket, shuttle, footbal, kho-kho, hide and seek, cut the cake, lock and key, etc. and make the unforgettable memories with their friends for lifetime but Nowadays kids are missing all this thinks due to mobile, television, extra classes and activity rather than school

there are so many sports activities for students also we can use mini sports games ideas

parents also search online sports activities for students below there are some sports game, outdoor game for kids which they can play

  • Running
  • T-ball, softball or baseball
  • Soccer
  • Hopping, skipping and jumping
  • Throwing and catching
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • football
  • Gymnastics
  • Tumbling
  • Drawing
  • Riding a tricycle or bicycle
  • Climbing on playground equipment
  • Rollerblading or ice skating
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Martial arts
  • Dancing
  • Jumping rope and many more

Parents also need to take precaution on below points

  • How much will your child enjoy the activity?
  • How much will your child get interact with other kids?
  • Is it your child get angry or other child while playing if yes then try to overcome on it
  • Is it your child play with fair or not if he is cheating while playing then need to ask them to do not such thinks
  • is it your child getting any physical issues or not
  • how much your child concentrate on game
  • Does the sport emphasize age-appropriate skill development?
  • Does the coach require to your child to follow the rules and use proper safety equipment?
  • How much time and effort are spent your child on skill development?
  • Are children has proper movement of body positioning?