Valentine’s Day is also called as Saint Valentine’s Day or you can say the Feast of Saint Valentine day, Valentine’s Day is celebrate every year on February 14. This folk traditions has become a significant cultural, religious, and celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world for all people, on 14 feb loving couple 


Valentine’s Week List:

Valentine’s week start from  7th Feb to 14 Feb between this date loving couple make his day as below

Name of Day Date and Day
Rose Day 7 February 2022 (Monday)
Propose Day 8 February 2022 (Tuesday)
Chocolate Day 9 February 2022 (Wednesday)
Teddy Day 10 February 2022 (Thursday)
Promise Day 11 February 2022 (Friday)
Hug Day 12 February 2022 (Saturday)
Kiss Day 13 February 2022 (Sunday)
Valentine’s Day 14 February 2022 (Monday)

Valentine’s Day : History | Who Started | Valentine’s Week List | How Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Massage


I am skilled in all the arts,
Your arrival made the day very special

The creation of art was from five fingers,
My love is bound by your love

Sweet mango, sweet sugarcane,
Nectar sweeter than that,
But your love is sweeter than nectar

Some words come from the lips, some come from the neck, some words come from the memory
But your name comes from the beating of my heart

There is love
Understanding is a feeling,
Kelly is a joke,
If presented, it is a game,
If you believe,
If you breathe,
If the world were created,
If done, there is life
Today the eyes feel like crying,
I miss you so much,
You love me so much
I want to see you for the rest of my life

I want to see what love is like
I want to love you once and for all,
Everyone lives by breathing,
But I want to live in your every breath.
There should not be argument in love, Always there should be dialogue.
There should be no anger in love, there should be only affection,
Don't give life What shouldn't be for you You should be there for me.

2022 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony will take place on February 20

Our love story is my favourite .My heart belongs to you.
If you live to be a hundred, i want to live to be a hundred minus a day so i never have to live without you.
My love for you is a journey, beginning at forever and ending at never. Happy valentine’s day. 

I feel the three magical words cannot carry my message to you. my emotions are very heavy and intense. Happy Valentine’s day.

I love you even more today, than yesterday. It will be more tomorrow than today. Happy Valentine’s day dear.


Love planted a loves, and the world turned sweet.
Without you i am nothing with you I’m all. Thank you for being my everything. Happy Valentine’s day.

Locks open with a right key. My heart opened for you because you are the right key. Happy Valentine’s day.

Our love is magnetic, we are poles apart but strongly attracted to each other. Happy valentine’s day



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