What is Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the promotion of the products and services of a company or business by using Influencer. Influencer marketing, who influences other person through social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. and any other medium like offline, he is called influencer.

Types OF Influencers

There are three types of Influencers which use for promotion of the products and services of a company or business.

Online Influencer

Online Influencer Means Those influencers who influence people to buy something through internet. Such as Social Media Influencer, Internet Celebrity

Offline Influencers

The influencer who, by standing face to face, influences a person or group of people to buy an item, is given information about a product through offline Influenced animated video. It’s called a offline Influencer.

Virtual Influencer

When a computer-ge

nerated graphics influencer gives information about a product to people through animated videos, it is called a virtual influencer.

If you are a person who can attract people towards you through your talent, then you can become a good influencer.

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