Goat Breeds In India

By : InformaionGiver.com

Goat Farming

Today we will share Goat Breeds details so goat farmer can us this breed for their goat farm

Beetal Goat

The Beetal goat breed is an Indian breed from the Punjab region, most Indian and Pakistan is used for this breed for milk and meat production.

Boer Goat

The Boer is a from South African breed and in india most of farmer use this for of meat

Jamnapari Goat

Jamnapari goat is an domestic Indian breed from Uttar Pradesh and this breed is having white color and this goat is use for milk and meat

Barbari Goat

The Barbari goat breed was found in in India and Pakistan. most of Haryana farmer use this boat for milk and meat

Osmanabadi Goat

osmanabadi goat is an indian breed from Osmanabad in Maharashtra States and this goat most use in Osmanabad, Tuljapur Latur, and Udgir Talukas

Sirohi Goat

The Sirohi goat is an Indian breed from Sirohi District of Rajasthan and this breed use for milk and meet purpose in farming